Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Snow 2008

While in California, winter arrived at home. First, it was just cold, then last night the first bit of snow. The first two things that I noticed was that the snow covered up the leaves that I did not get raked up, and the conditions are getting right for me to begin to get into the spirit of the Holidays. But there is still lots of stuff to do. A new order of carved Santa's, a doll quilt to complete for a swap, three book shelves to make and finish, a Christmas woodcarving exchange carving to complete, Christmas shopping, change oil in car, maybe have windshield replaced (stone on trip), a cottonwood bark Santa to finish for a customer, plus all the stuff that I have put off for over a year, that I promised myself I'd do this year. Not a chance! Maybe I'll give myself an industrial sized dumpster for Christmas; and start throwing stuff out. Nobody accumulates more stuff than I do.


Lisa said...

"Nobody accumulates more stuff than I do."
I wouldn't be so sure of that, I think my mom has you beat...I think she could fill one of those dumpsters..
Enjoy the snow better you then me, I don't think I could handle that much cold....

Holee said...

I always thought snow photo's were wonderful. Then I moved south of lake Erie. It's been snowing everyday here for the past month.

I don't know where it all goes but it just keeps coming. Last night we did get 6 inches that is laying and it's 14 right now.

Maybe it's old age. Now I think pictures of warm sandy beaches are grand!

Tom H said...

Holee, TV weather "monger" said that central ohio got more snow than any other place in Ohio. Thats whats photoed. Other daughter lives in Chesterland Ohio. That's in the snow belt, east of Cleveland. They have about the same as you have. The only good thing about snow, is it gives me an excuse to slack off on outside work.