Saturday, December 27, 2008

A New Challenge That I Have Accepted

On another blog my daughter and another quilter have accepted a challenge to make 100 little doll quilts in a year (next year). Well, my daughter challenged me to do the same thing. There's no way I could ever get 100 little doll quilts done in a year. So, not wanting to appear to be a slacker, I said, "I'll carve 100 Santa ornaments and/or pins". That's not so many to carve. Besides I'll get better with the practice. Suddenly it occurred to me, "what will I do with 100 carved Santa's"? My next thought was to somehow work them into my Blog. I thought that someone might be able to use the Santa's in some way to help make Christmas better for others. At that point my mind quick working, and I hit a dead end. But when one is writing an entry on a Blog there never is a dead end.

So, this is what I am proposing. I will carve 100 Santa's. I will donate them to someone who will put the Santa's to use helping others. What I need from the readers of this Blog who wish to participate, is a description of how you would put the Santa's to use helping others. I will post those ideas, and you all can then help me select the "winner".


Holee said...

Tom, how long do we have to think about this? I've done the VA hospital, Pitts children's hospital and the local Senior's home this's really hard to decide, so I need a time limit!

Tom H said...

I knew I could count on you for some worthy group. We got as much time as we need. I'd say maybe at least a month, maybe more. I'll probably rerun the post several times.

tisme said...

I would love to see these go to a womans shelter. I know that things can get really tough in homes around the holidays, and bet the shelters fill up. Children caught up in these struggles could use a little Santa to hold onto when it seems like everything else is falling apart. I believe that almost every town has an Alice Paul house nowadays.

Holee said...

I've thought a lot about this. How great it would be to have these Santa's in stock and ready when needed. But, I don't do charity ahead of time and it would be a lie if I gave you one place I would use them.

I do charity as needed. Either I am asked if I can help, read it in a newspaper or hear it on TV. Yes, most likely next year I will continue to visit the VA hospital with Christmas stockings & again make wheelchair bags for the Easter Seal kids. I always makeup bags for one of the local SR. homes. I keep the local police with things in their cars so when they have to remove children from homes they have something to give them. The Santa's could do a lot of good in any of these situations, but I guess I'm out of the running because I just can't tell you a year ahead who would be getting one.

It's a great offer and I hope someone really uses them for a smile when times seem rough.

Tom H said...

Holee, We got to work something out!

tisme said...

I think Holee should get them to give out as she sees the need. She has a heart bigger then most and will find the ones who need that lift!

lani said...

Holee your so cute...tom good lord i do so much work with the hospice and the elderly but most of them would not be able to see them and if they poked themselves being on coumidin most of them would bleed all day.....I will look for something but I bet we wont come up short of something to do with them....Lani

TamRock said...

Oh Tom! What a grand idea! If I weren't so socially dysfunctional I would love to accept the challenge and try to overcome my own fears to put your little harbingers of happiness to good use. Alas, I am realistic and know that my work is and will always be done 'behind-the-scenes'.

But, I do have an idea. How about gifting anonymously? How nice it would be for people in need to receive things out of the blue without a face or person to associate with the surprise. I think it could add to the magic.

If I can offer my services to you by way of designing/printing letters or a story etc (calling all creative writers!!*wink*) to go along with your packages(especially if you decide that you may want to 'gift' to multiple groups/families etc.) Imagine: getting a package with a carving and a letter on parchment complete with wax seal... hahaha, I think you have awakened the "elves" in us all!!

Good luck in the search, let me know if I can help!