Tuesday, December 16, 2008

At The Senior Center

Every Tuesday morning I go to the local Senior Center and meet with a group of others and carve. This Tuesday was no different. This first photo is of a Cottonwood Bark carving in process. This carving will be Gnome Houses, carved to look like they were made from stones and rocks. Cottonwood Bark is a soft woody fun thing to carve.
This second photo is of two carved spoons.

This is what happens when you drop a wood spoon on the floor. A job for super glue, for sure.
Nope, this one is not carved wood. This is limestone. One of the fellows carved this. He's real fine wood carver, now it looks like he's a fine stone carver too.
Since this blog is titled Quilting and Carving, thought I'd add this photo. As I walked into the senior center this morning, these quilts were displayed.

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Holee said...

Love the knome house, such detail! Wood carver, carving stone. I think I recall reading that the first wooden spoons were carved with sharpened stone.

Quilts are nice too, so pink. I think I'm at a block in the road. I'm not so thrilled with quilts right now. Maybe I've been at the machine too many hours.

I haven't done anything in the line of carving. Son won't give me my gloves and guard until Christmas. He said he soon won't have anything to put under the tree. :-(