Friday, December 26, 2008

An Old Friend

Spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day East of Cleveland, Ohio - smack dab in the middle of the lake effect snow belt. However, this year very little snow, just rain, ice and all associated yuck. Was at my daughters house, where I got reacquinted with a rag flannel quilt I made several years ago. This is the quilt where you cut the top flannel and bottom flannel squares, and then cut the batting. Then you sandwich the three together and machine quilt the individual squares. As soon as you get enough you sew the squares together with the one inch seams open to the top, where they will fray. This is a super easy quilt to make. And when the outside temperature is around 38 degrees and pouring rain this is the quilt to wrap up in.


Holee said...

Those are great quilts. Nice colors too.

Yep, tomorrow the snow belt is getting temps. near 60, but no fear, by Monday we'll be back to more snow and very cold.

Tom H said...

Yeah, and my daughter in LA said she had to scrape ice off her windshield this morning. What's goin on?

tisme said...

I have almost enough old jeans to do this style quilt. One of the ladies from HGTV sent me about 100 jean labels. I want to add them to the center of the Xs.
Love yours!

lani said...

I love to make those quilts and your colors are great hey i hope you and the mrs had a great Christams did you tell her I loved the tole santa.....lani

Tom H said...

Hey! I pass compliments to my wife every chance I get.