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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Traditions?

Well, the holiday season is upon us. To a lot of us this means Christmas. And Christmas means a lot of different thing to us also. Among what Christmas means is family and traditions. Traditions being those things that memories are made of. As I look around me, I see what might be the birth of new traditions. I hope what I see don't all become traditions. My memories and traditions might be replaced with the "new".

* Mine!

*Family goes outside and spends time together picking out a Christmas tree then cuts it down.
To many times now, mom goes to the basement and brings up the predecorated artificial tree.

*Everybody gathers around the radio, record player, or Grams piano and listens to Christmas songs.
Now kids are in their rooms or elsewhere, with things plugged into their ears, listening to who knows what.

*Family loads up the car with presents and heads to Grandpas and Grandmas house.
Too many now just give em a call on the cell, or Instant Message.

*Not too long ago kids still wanted lots of things for Christmas, but only really asked for 1 or 2.
Kids today ask for everything they saw on TV and probably expect it too.

*Church on Christmas Eve.
Each family member watching a different DVD.

*Mom, dad, the whole family making and decorating cookies.
Buy an assortment at the bakery.

I like my memories better!

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Holee said...

I didn't have traditions from 3 to 13 because I was in 8 different foster care homes. My dad got custody when I was began then and so did the memories and traditions.

Up until last year my kids and grands came home. Now they all live in Idaho so I'll be getting the cell phone call. I already got the cyber Christmas cards.

I like my traditions too!