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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Banned From The Mall

We have a rather large and modern Fashion Mall in our area. I only go to this mall twice a year. Once when daughter and grand daughter visit in the summer and once at Christmas time. Well the other day was the Christmas trip. Had some last minute presents to get. My wife did, I haven't started yet. After this last trip I don't think they'll let me in the Mall again. Both the Mall management and my wife are probably drawing up papers right now. I just don't understand it. How can I be insensitive, I was just trying to be helpful. Here's the rest of the story:

My wife went into Sephora (expensive makeup store) and I choose to sit in the mall area and wait for her. I didn't want her to feel rushed, with me lookin over her shoulder. I selected a bench kinda in front of the Victorias Secret store. There were a lot of girls and women going in and out. I mean a lot of younger girls in line to get in. I noticed that more than half of these young girls were a tad bit on the big size. All I wanted to do was keep them from being so disappointed, when I told them that there wasn't a long line at the Lane Bryant shop. Oh! and then there was issue of me telling the clerk in the Hollisters shop that she could hear us and see us if she turned the music down, and turn some lights on. I don't really want to go back anyway. Just walking by the kids play area was enough for me to get some kid cooties and a sore throat and ear ache.


Lisa said...

ROFLMAO are you kin to my husband?
I read your post to him and he said hey that's me!!!

Soukies said...

bwwwaaahhhaaaahaaa you did'nt! OMG I actually lol'd. You are too funny lol

lani said...

You go boy

lani said...

Just thinking if you took my hubby he could have played the banjo while you tapped the toes to his bluegrass.......tempting yes?

Holee said...

Last night I had a good laugh at your post.

Then today son & I went to the mall. We sat by the fountain trying to eat our lunch. A little boy kept wiping his nose from wrist to elbow. My son handed him a tissue and then a clorox wipe..the Mom said, "Why don't you mind your own business."

Then we got in line in Sears. The lady in front of us was calling the clerk some pretty ugly names because she didn't have any boxes. Son asked her to watch what she was yelling with all the kids in line..She said, "why don't you mind you own business."

I think he might be taking lessons from you and will also be banned from the mall. :-)

Tom H said...


Sounds like fun! I have generally enjoyed success in the things that I try to do. Banjo playing is not one of them tho.

Tom H said...


Amazing how some folks behave. Oh Oh! I guess I'd better count myself too. I imagine folks will be gettin more surly as time goes by, with the economy and such. A lot of stress on folks these days. But that shouldn't be an excuse.