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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Forty some years ago I learned that my wife was not a morning person. That meant no prepared breakfasts for me. Well, for the past 18 years I have been driving down the road to a local diner owned and operated by three Greek brothers, for my breakfast. Before they had the diner they had a bar, which I also was known to visit. By now I know these fellows well. In fact several of us have grown old during this time. For years whenever conversations at the diner got around to crooked politicians, welfare cheaters, and other local misfits the Greek brothers would say "to The Hole with them". It wasn't long before someone asked what they were talking about. They explained that in the Greek history of Sparta (which is the region they are from) they had a bottomless hole. And that into this hole they threw all their enemies, crooked leaders, and anyone who could not or would not contribute to their society. The "hole" was featured in the current movie "THE 300". Anyway, the Greek brothers were raised with threats of "To the Hole" if they did not behave.

This simple carving of "The Hole" , plus a bottle of excellent Greek Brandy is my Christmas present for the brothers. Now , when confronted with an unpleasant customer they can just point, instead of muttering "To the Hole".