Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Small Stuff!

Just how far does a genetic predisposition go between parents and their children? We all know that a predisposition for certain medical conditions can be passed on to children. We can all see evidence of physical characteristics too. Most kids looks just like one or both of their parents. But does a predisposition also include things like likes And dislikes, interests, etc, etc. I say YES!

When I began to carve, I soon found out that I preferred to carve "small".

When my daughter started making quilts, she soon found out that she preferred making quilts that were composed of very small squares. You can judge the size of the log cabin squares in this large lap quilt by comparing them to the ruler.

And the doll quilt is only about 8 inches square in total. I just wonder how many other "predispositions" exist. Lets hope just the "good" ones.


Holee said...

All my boys have A- blood just like me and that's a pretty rare blood type. So you would think we were something alike..not so. They all have one craft they stick with.

Me, I'm a jumper. I never give up something I've learned, but that doesn't mean I don't want to learn something else. I don't think we are anything alike come to think of it.

everythingquilts said...

My Tom, I see you have been extrememly busy too. Isn't that funny about children, you can raise them all the same way, in the same home, mine even shared a room for many years but they are like day and night in many ways, and alike in others.

V said...

Your carvings are amazing! Is that Obama? I love it either way! It would be beautiful as a pin. Please let me know if you make carvings by request. I'd request that one!