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Saturday, January 10, 2009


My daughter has a dog. The dogs name is Cooper. Cooper is a Berger Picard, or as some prefer a Picardy Shepard. These dogs come from the Picard region of France. Most will remember him as the kind of dog that starred in the movie "Because Of Winn Dixie". There arn't very many of his bred in the country, so most folks don't know what he is. This first photo is a baby photo. His one ear wasn't up the way it's supposed to be.
He's got both ears up now. Still a little puppy.

As you can see, Cooper is a bit older now. And bigger! And stronger too.

Here he is on Thanksgiving day 2008. He's about 60 pound now, but hopefully will not get much larger. He's huge now. This photo is included to show Coopers natural "bimbo style" frosting/dye job. I am told that this laying position is a preferred position of the bred.
Another photo from November 2008, at daughters birthday "party". Cooper like to open presents too, but is satisfied to just shred the wrapping paper.
You can see that Coop takes up a whole section on the couch.

Tell me! does this dog look like he resembles any of the following traits: Intelligent, alert, energetic, lively, spirited, loyal, adaptable, calm, stubborn. willful, detached towards strangers, and barks a lot. From what little time I have spent with cooper, I think he has all the traits......Some more than others....The Picardy Shepards were bred to herd sheep and for guarding. Cooper's speciality is the Frisbee!

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Chris said...

What a cool dog! I've not heard of this breed before. He looks like such a character. My friend and blog co-owner has a Golden Retriever named Cooper and I call him Coop also. What a coinkydink.