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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Valentines Day Coming!

February 14th is always Valentines day. Why does it always "sneak up" on me and surprise me? Well not this year! Being the sensitive and sentimental guy that I am, I am ready with a sensitive little two inch carving.


Soukies said...

HA HA I love it! Very clever!!

Chris said...

To funny! And just who is the Sweetie that's going to receive this adorable little Valentine, uh, Cherub???

Tom H said...

Chris, after 47 years, my wife kinda knows what to expect from me. But I will add something else to go with the little fellow, unless valentines days sneaks up on me again.

TamRock said...

Um Mr. Tom? Is that a club he is holding?? Should his little sign state : Be Mine.. or else!


Tom H said...

You got it right TamRock! You think maybe I should replace the club with some flowers?