Thursday, January 1, 2009

Handmade Toys Endangered!

These handmade toys are about to be unavailable for sale. That is, unless I pay to have them tested and certified as lead free (among other things). Last year Congress passed a new law under the Consumer Products Safety Improvement act. This law goes into effect on Feb, 10, 2009.

Yet another well intentioned law that was enacted in a response to the lead in the paints in all too many products being imported from China. Congress has once again confirmed my suspicions that the smartest and brightest avoid running for Congress. How many heirloom quality, handmade toys are going to disappear from small shops? Individual crafters will not be able to afford these expensive tests.


Tracy said...

Put em in the hole! :)

Lisa said...

I totally agree with your suspicions LOL

TamRock said...

Oh dear!

Holee said...

All of my Amish friends are really up set about this. Many are no longer farmers and make a living with roadside stands. Their best sellers are wood toys.

It's really nice how China is controlling how we live in the USA, of course the idiots who made this bill forgot to put their thinking caps on first.

diy said...

I'd hate to be misunderstood but I've got to say it. Please do n't think that your politicians are the only ones with no light in their attics. We've got those in the Commons and wait for it. A pack of them in the Lords, non of who were voted to office.