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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tired Of The Cold!

I am tired of being cold. I am tired of quilting with my fingers cold. I am tired of carving with cold fingers and colder hands. I am tired of flannel lined jeans, and long johns. I am tired of frost and ice on everything. I am tired of wearing a hat outside. I am tired of wearing gloves and my fingers and hands still being cold. I am even more tired of cold feet. I am tired of trying to sleep under 20 pounds of quilts. I am tired of waiting 10 minutes for the car windows to defrost.

But worst of all I am tired of white and gray! Every where I look it's various shades of white and gray. I NEED COLOR! WARM and HOT COLORS. ANY COLORS will do.


Tracy said...

You could always come stay with me! :)

Kelly said...

Amen! Of course, I don't feel quite so strongly about this today, since it's a good 40 degrees warmer than it was last week. Still, it's only 20* out.

Sounds like you need a nice warm cup of hot cocoa (or coffee, if you prefer). I don't know when winter ends in Ohio, but here in Minnesota we have about three more months of it. Can't get too tired of it just yet.

Soukies said...

I agree! My body does not react well to the cold. We have a pellet stove new this year and that has made a huge difference for me. My house inside is toasty warm. Going outside is kept to a minimal!

tirane93 said...

c'mon down to texas and visit. i think you and i are the only two woodworkers/quilters on the planet anyway!

Holee said...

I don't remember last summer. I know it was too short and didn't get really warm.

I got up to 3 today in an old cold house with ice hanging off every inch of the roof. It snowed all afternoon and never got warmer then 10.

My son is in NM for a's warm there. He hopes none of the military contracts are taken away. He is planning on moving us in August to a warmer place. I'm glad I never put down deep roots in one place. I can't think of anything nicer then moving where I feel warm, maybe even sweaty.

lani said...

Look at the offers you are getting Tommy ...Surgery will probly be in Feb cause it is so busy at wrok and of course I laid someone off and now Im twice as busy it is always something..... I miss you I have been so busy that I have not checked in...sorry but know you feel the gray and white love...It is georgous mild to high 70'zzzzzzz feel it Tommy?

Tina said...

Time to go back to Cali!

Kimberly said...

Tom, I love your blog! Your work is wonderful... I think I like it so much because it's a combination of my husband's work with wood, and mine with fabric.
Stay warm! I HATE it when I have cold hands because it can literally ruin my day!
Blessings, Kimberly