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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lame Duck Bush!

After about three hours of hand quilting my fingers were beginning to leave some DNA on the quilt back. I never have been able to wear a thimble of any other finger protection for the hand under the quilt. I just push the needle until it sticks me. In time those fingers will built up more of a callous. So, as you can see I stopped quilting for a while, and tried to carve a caricature of President Bush. Funny thing! No DNA when using a pocket knife.

I just realized that I am closing in on 100 postings on this Blog. I guess that is supposed to be some sort of benchmark; one is supposed to give away a free car or something.


Chris said...

Morning, Tom, just wanted to submit my application for that car giveaway. Just kidding. "no she's not". Anyway, congrats on your 100th anniversary.

I have the same trouble with sore quilting fingers. I've never accustomed myself to more than one thimble and that's my middle finger on right hand. No protection under the quilt on left hand. Hence, I don't quilt for more than a few hours and I'd rather quilt non-stop.

Love your newest carved creation!

Not Lucy said...

I am in for the car! - never mind, our yard is looking like a used car lot already! Congrats on getting close to the 100 though!

I only use one thimble also but I don't have too much problem with my other hand, other than one of my fingernails. I think I have just learned to keep my fingers beyond the reach of the needle!

Holee said...

Does that car come with a 5 yr. payment plan? Just kidding Tom!

I'm about ready to put my 100th give away up too. I just put up a give way for making pillow cases but I'm getting a feeling if people have to do something to get the prize, they aren't interested :-(

Bush is neat..looking a litte older and you captured the walnut face age! I hate that! Maybe I shouldn't look in the mirro.