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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just An Update!

Of course the weather is still the big story here. Ice just about every where. In between the various layers of snow is one inch or more if ice. That's on everything. As soon as the snow stopped yesterday, I started chopping and shoveling the cars and the driveway out. At my age, I am thankful that my wife opened the door and yelled for me to stop and rest after every 15 minutes. However, at that rate it would have taken me until June to get the cars out. I did put in several hours yesterday afternoon, then started out again this morning. After I got about half the drive chopped and shoveled out a neighbor with a snow blade on his truck finished it up for me. I still will have a hard time getting up tomorrow morning. Awe, the joys of getting old.
I did however, get some more work done on several Noah's Arks. Tomorrow I'll finish assembling these four arks. Just have to make the leather hinges for the roofs, and antique the finish on the arks.

I also started "roughing out" the pairs of animals for the arks. These arks will get 16 pairs of hand carved animals each. That's 32 animals per ark. It's a wonder that I still think it's fun to make these.


Kimberly said...

Ha! Just think of all the animals God had to create!

Have fun with that ice...

Holee said...

I'm not talking about the weather anymore. Lets just say we had to hire a back hoe to clear the driveway and leave it at that.

I don't see any skunks in the animal line up..they are my favorite! (I need to make an ark)

Tom H said...

Holee, I promise there will be skunks. In fact two of them.