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Saturday, January 24, 2009


This little doll is named "Hitty". Hitty is 6 inches tall. Hitty is a very collectible doll, by lots and lots of folks. This one belongs to my daughter. Several years ago Hitty needed a doll house. Doll house construction always is the responsibility of "dad" or "grandpa". This first photo shows Hitty in her bedroom.
Hitty also has a quilt and fabric shop that takes up the first floor of her residence.
The third photo is of the back of the doll house (the front of Hitty's shop). While this is not quilting or carving, it does illustrate the fact that I like to make small things. All of the items in the photos are hand made, by myself; except Hitty and her dress. My daughter purchased the Hitty and made the dress for her.
From time to time I'll dip back into the files and post up some more Hitty stuff!


lani said...

Wow what a name it reminds me of when my mom use to say you look hittyous....So cute ....Lani

Holee said...

How big is the house Tom? What other room is upstairs? I have made a few doll houses. Aren't they fun!

Quiltsbybarb said...

Hi Tom,

I enjoy reading your blog and I love to see the crafts you are involved with. A guy always has a little different eye than a woman and I love that!

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TamRock said...

Hehehe, she's a gem! I think she needs some color on those walls, warm the place up quite a bit... don't you have an 'interior decorator' hat you can don Mr. Tom?? - what with all those other specialties you have, why not? *wink*

The quilt room is great! LOVE the extra attention to detail there!
((((hugs)))) from a gnome-in-law hehehe ~Tam