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Monday, January 12, 2009

Ice and Snow!

In central Ohio our weather is always (well almost always) less severe that in southern and northern Ohio. The first photo was taken Sunday morning. Everything was covered with about 1/4 inch of ice. Was quite pretty to look at, especially when all I had to do was drink coffee.
Same scene just a few minutes ago on Monday morning. About one inch of snow on top of the ice. Still very pretty to look at. In southern Ohio I think it was all rain both days. While in northern Ohio we're talking over a foot of snow.
Me, I am off to the shop to work on some Noah's arks, and pairs of animals.


Chris said...

Tom, I'm so glad to be able to share some of this mid-west icey, snowy mix stuff we've been getting since November. It's only fair, I think.

Lisa said...

ROFLOL I'm not laughing at you Tom but my poor hubby... He flew into Dayton last night and wasn't to happy to find it snowing... He kept saying who's bright idea was it to send me here in Jan for training?
Me think he's been in Florida to long

Holee said...

Tom, I hate, hate northwest Pa.! It's ashame they can't shove Erie up to Central Canada! I can't say just how much snow we have since I can't see over the snow bank that has been plowed in front of my window's.

Tomorrow night starts a downward dive from our warm 18 degree's to somewhere below 0 for the next 8 days. The only thing pretty about this much snow is knowing someday it will melt!