Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad Day Mystery Cleared Up!

You all know about the bad day I had. Well the reason for this bad day, or at least a contributing factor has been mentioned to me. I was home alone, while my wife was out of town babysittin dogs and grand daughter. But, I am not the one that said," between the two of us (wife and me) we might have one brain left. Or was it a half brain left?
Well, back to the Rag Quilt. Since the Rag quilt will be a lap quilt I would like it to be 50 by 60 inches. And since the finished blocks will be 5 inches square, that means I'll need 120 blocks. That's a lost of blocks to sit down to and try to get finished. What I do is keep a pile of the pinned square sandwiches by the sewing machine. When I get tired of doing what ever I am doing, or just want a diversion, I sew a couple. This way it goes kinda faster.
As I mentioned earlier you will have to use a walking foot for this Rag quilt. A walking foot that can be purchased at any sewing shop will fit the ol' Singer.

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