Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ink Thief

The mystery has been solved! I could not be printing so many copies that I would use up all my black ink. There was just no way possible. I have been looking at this problem for some time now. My first inclination was that the manufacturer was shorting the amount of ink they put into the cartridges. I think this is still true! But today the culprit was nabbed with the evidence. I hate to believe this, but I'll have to start carving some security or police Gnomes to make sure this problem does not continue. And I suppose I'll have to make a little Gnome jailhouse too. Maybe just a diversion program will work.


tisme said...

lol, Now you will have to make a gnome painted in black and white stripes!

Soukies said...

hahaha cute!

Neabear said...


Chris said...

Just don't play "Your In The Jailhouse Now" on your blog, ok? lol