Friday, February 6, 2009

Great Gift!

Today, I received a package from a special person that you should meet. Holee is what she signs on and off by on the Internet.
Her Blog is This lady is one of the most giving persons that I have ever met. She makes quilts for wounded veterans, as well as for The Cure For Cancer, pillow cases for hospitalized children, and organizes and is involved in countless other acts of care. All I did was send her some carved Christmas Tree ornaments so she could send them on to a veterans hospital for a tree for a special wounded soldier. Holee is an extremely talented quilter, and a master of anything sewing related. Check her Blog out and I am certain you'll agree with me. Thank you Holee. You are indeed a hero, and one that we can all admire and strive to be more like.


tisme said...

Tom, she showed this to us on our quilting board, but did not tell us who it was for.
I kinda thought it was for you!

Holee said...

Good Grief Tom, I'm not all that! I'm just an old lady with too much time on her

Tracy said...

What an awesome quilt! The Santa even looks like the carved ones!

Neabear said...

That was a cool gift to get! Awesome!

lani said...

Woo Hoo Holee we love you and god bless you for all you do....You touch so many with your kindness...thank you and God Bless