Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Senior Moments/Other Things That Went Wrong!

A broken knife blade tip is only one thing that has gone wrong in the past two days. The following list is not in any special order.

A. Decided to take apart the upper thread tension assembly on my ol' Singer, to clean and adjust. There are 87 parts to this assembly, and 18 of them are spring loaded. What this means is that as you disassemble the tension unit, it flies apart and all the tiny weenie pieces fly everywhere. Bad ol' eyes have a difficult time seeing the little pieces to pick up. Fingers don't feel the little pieces too well either. Then of course you must reassemble. Did this happen? Of course it did. Did it get reassembled? Of course it did. Does it work? Ahhhhhhhhh; kinda.

B. After upper tension adventure decided to clean another ol' Singer and get it operating. Cleaned it all up, and oiled and greased it. Plugged it in and looked for a on-off switch. There was none. Oh well, it worked fine. Went to lunch. Smelled something that did not smell like my lunch. Traced the smell down to sewing room. Further investigation lead to the sewing machine that was just cleaned, oiled, and lubed. Smoke coming from the foot control. Caught just in time to prevent fire.

C. Decided no more sewing machine stuff for the day. I'll just paint some wood carvings that need to be finished. Selected a Hill Billy, and painted the face a skin tone. Next was using black paint to do the hair and beard. The Hill Billy was 3 inches tall, so the head was quite small. My paint brush has 6 hairs on it. As I was finely painting and concentrating on the beard, the telephone (which sits right beside me) rang. To say the ringing startled me would be a gross understatement. There was/is black paint everywhere.

D. I won't even try to explain my attempts to tape a television program.

Have a good day!


Chris said...

This is not your week, Tom. Please don't drive this week. I'll worry..........

Valorie said...

I have another friend whose weekend went along these lines. I am sorry you had such a bad day. I hope things are looking up.

Thearica said...

Sounds like you have some of my days! I am glad you saved the machine from the fate of fire though...that is a positive thing!

Tom H said...

Thanks, I hope that day is well behind me now. At least my wife is home !

Neabear said...

Oh dear! But I did have to laugh. That image of the black paint flying everywhere just cracked me up. And I had a mouth full of food too! Oops. New rule: No eating or drinking when reading funny posts. One does not know where it is going to end up.