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Monday, February 2, 2009

An Ol' Grouch!

From time to time I am going to take the liberty to air some complaints, peeves, and just plain goofiness as I see it. It's not quilting nor is it carving; just some day to day distractions. Chalk it up to old age, grouchiness, or maybe too much time on my hands.

Did you know that you can get a masters degree in Packaging Engineering? And this photo of packaging, is only scratching the surface of the results. There are three (3) lies on the three packages. Advil cap states that it is an"Easy Open Arthritis Cap". Not the first time it's opened it isn't. Vise grips or a sturdy pair of pliers works better. And when totally frustrated, a mallet. The strip cheese also states that it is easy open. What you're supposed to do is peal the two thicknesses of plastic apart to get at the cheese. It would be so much easier to do if one of the thicknesses of plastic were longer than the other, so you could find the seam. But not so! they are the same length. You must use scissors or a knife. The brick cheese states that its package is resealable, after tearing along the dotted line. The biggest lie is that it is impossible to tear along the dotted line.

Yep! I am a grouch!


Holee said...

I'll add to your grouch list because I'm a grouch too!

Soda cans/soup cans and the like you need to carry a pocket knife to lift the tab. If you pull to hard half slops out of the can.

lifesavers in a large bag wrapped separately...and they'll stay that why unless you have a scissors.

bathroom tissue/paper towels..first sheet is glued to several other.

Priority mailing need a pliers to pull the tab to open the box.

Coffee cans now sealed with a sheet of "steel"..also need a pliers to open..Folgers states," approved by the Arthritis Foundation..yea, sure.

Lisa said...

Grrr I so agree with you... Child proof caps are adult proof too, well at least for me.
I keep scissors available for cutting up all the packages that are suppose to be resealable.. No way can I open them with my fingers that have carp tunnel in them...

Tom H said...

I cannot imagine a 1st or 2nd grader carrying their lunch with one of those little pudding cups. I eat one every day for lunch, and half time get it all over me opening it.

Holee said...

Remember when coffee cans had a key on the bottom to open them? Bottle tops were opened with a bottle opener?

My school lunch sandwich was wrapped in wax paper and put in a brown bag (you didn't get a choice..milk was a nickel)

Is it only me? Plastic wrap, wraps around itself before you get the sandwich in it? Soda cans are now so thin you crush them in you hand trying to pull the tab.

Good subject I'm annoyed at all the stuff in my kitchen!lol

Tom H said...

Hee Hee! I don't think we're all grouches. I think we're right!

Neabear said...

I agree with all of you. I keep scissors handy in the kitchen to open things. Bags are too hard to open when trying to pull apart, like in cereal boxes. Don't want the stuff flying all over the kitchen.

everythingquilts said...

ROFLMAO. Tom, that cracked me up. You are not a grouch, it's so true. Have the time they do that to keep kids out heck I couldn't tell you the times I've had to have to kids open the darn things for me.
Wanted to tell you to come on over and join my giveaway, it's your favorite color and invite your DD too. Donna

Kimberly said...

Not a grouch... just honest! You call it like you see it, no matter how stupid it is!

...and there are so many stupid things in life aren't there?


lani said...

TOMMY hey baby I just wanted to let you know I get such joy from your blog I have told my friends to come check it out....They get a kick out of mine and I yours so sharing is careing......God I wish I could spell all is good .....

Chris said...

.....and how bout those jars that have a sealer under the cap. First you have to get the cap to screw off, only to find this sealer paper or foil that doesn't have any overlap edge to grap. Yep, I'm a kitchen scissors person, too.

Oh, I'm old and grouchy, also.

diy said...

Well I'm definitely in the right company. I'm the original grumpy old man.
In fact there are two programs on British TV, grumpy old men, and of course grumpy old women. If these are screened at the Wrong side" of the Pond I recommend them to all other Grumps.
My favourite grump? Domestic animals running around loose. Dogs and cats especially. I'm fond of dogs we have two but those owners who allow their dogs the freedom to mess up pavements(sidewalks) etc really get the grumpy side of me.