Saturday, February 7, 2009


The Crawfish speciality carving knife is the creation of knife maker Ol' Thomp, from the black Tree Swamps and bayous of Louisiana. Instead of folding and hammering dozens of layers of steel intoi a knife blade, Ol' Thomp has revived and refined the age ol' technique of "Grind an Dip". Ol' Thomp wet grinds or "grinds an dips" each blade at least 100 times into an elixor of bayou swamp water and Louisiana hot sauce, to keep the blade tough and cool. Ol' Cajun culture believes that this process imbues the magic into each knife.
It is the combination of this blade and the Crawfish handle make these knives so special. The Crawfish Knife is a specialty knife for the experienced carver for fine detailing. One should be cautioned that this knife will not tolerate wood hogging, paint can opening, prying, twisting cuts, chip flickin, or a game of mumbley peg. This is a light detail wood carving knife, not a tool chest.

This knife is guaranteed to arrive carving sharp, and if looked after with a little loving maintenance, and not dropped should provide you a fine service.
Ol' Thomp is a carving buddy of mine. And damn fine knife maker too. Ol' Thomp likes to carve Hillbillies and place them into typical Hillbilly scenes. Lots coon dogs, racoon's, and an occasional moonshine jug.

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