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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Teaching Beginner Quilt Making

Starting in April I'll be joining another quilter in teaching a beginner class, at the Senior Center. The class is for beginners. I anticipate most will be folks who may have sewn before, but never made a quilt. However, there may be a few men who sign up, and they must be taught how to drive a sewing machine.

Here's where I need your help. Any one have any unique ideas, tips, suggestions that they have seen used with a beginner quilting class? Ones that really work! Not that I don't have lots of ideas of my own, but I know there are some really, really good quilters that read this blog that may have some great ideas.


lani said...

Tommy Boy what is youraddress I have it somewhere but please dont make me look ....Love U Lani and no you did not win ;-(

Holee said...

The men who need to learn to "drive" will have the entire machine figured out first day. My son refused to give up on my treadle until he learned how it worked and mastered every attachment.

I'm sure you know all the basic stuff...just don't forget M&M'

This weekend is "Franklin on Ice". Ice carvers compete in the park across the street. Only problem is after 40 days of ice, it's going to rain and be 45 on Saturday.

Take a look at these for carvings from 2008.