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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quilt Making Day

Today was a quilt making day. First photo is my cutting "station". You can see the Alto 2 cutting system that my daughter gave to me. She didn't like it all that much. And after using it I can see why. I don't think it's any better than a good cutting mat, long straight edge and a 45 degree plastic template.
This second photo is of my "machine". An "oldie, but a goodie". Hmmm! I may resemble that statement. Now I did complete a small quilt for a Swap. But I won't show it yet. Don't want my swap partner to see it just yet. I still have to bind it. However, the small pieces of fabric in the first photo is all that is left of the charm pack she sent me to use....


Valorie said...

I love the machine. My mom had one like that and so did my gramma. The point, not being to make you feel old, but I think thier sewing machines lived longer than they did. Those were awesome machines (Are awesome!)

lani said...

Sa....weeet machine Tommy