Monday, February 16, 2009

Rag Time Quilt Time

I have been collecting red, white and gray flannel for some time, to make another Rag Time quilt. I think I have enough to do a large lap quilt now. The first photo is what I have collected and will use for the new lap quilt.
This second photo is of the first Rag Time quilt that I made several years ago. I made this lap top large, it's 46" x 64". This is a very simple quilt to make, but hard on the machine. The main different thing about this quilt is that you do all the sewing with a "walking foot". The quilt is made up of a whole bunch of individual squares that are sewn into "sandwiches" separately. Nex,,,,,t, the "sandwaihes" are machine quilted as a individual square, and then assembled into the finished quilt with one inch seams. The one inch seams are on the top and fray when washed. This lap top is heavy and very warm.
If any guys are thinking about trying quilting, this is the one to start with. It's mainly cutting and driving the machine.


Tina said...

We love our rag time is an easy one, and such a great quilt!

lani said...

Love that quilt Tom

Neabear said...

Love that quilt! I have gotten behind on reading here. Now I am catching up on your blog.