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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Binding Dilemma

When I finish a quilt, I use a double-fold binding. Some folks call this a French Binding. But I'm not that fancy. It's double-fold to me. The two photos show different ways of attaching the binding to the quilt back. In the first photo, if you click on the photo a close up will clearly show that you can see the hand stitches.

In the second photo, the stitches cannot be seen. The second photo (green binding) is the way I hand stitch the binding to the quilt backs. I don't think it takes any more time to "hide" the stitches under the edge of the binding than to have them show.


Not Lucy said...

So what is your dilemma? Did you do both of the bindings?

tisme said...

I had to come and tell you about my friend. His name is Don and he is a wood carver from PA. He made all of us girls at work a pin for Christmas of different things. I got a hummingbird. He does a lot of work for Ducks Unlimited and specializes in them now. Well today I asked him if he could make me Shuttles for tatting and he is going to!!! I am so excited. I will post them on my blog as soon as he gets them down. He said he likes having little things to do, while he waits for paint to dry on his big projects.
I just thought I wanted to tell you this. :)

Tom H said...

Not Lucy, Hee Hee! I paid to have the one done that you can see the stitches, and did the other one myself. I guess the dilemma might be that I never realized that both ways were "proper". Maybe the dilemma is that I seem to do things the "hard" way, to often.

Tom H said...

Tammy, Folks who carve birds and ducks are some of the most amazing carvers around. The detail that these folks get can be unbelievable.

Tina said...

What's your technique for hiding your stitches on the binding?