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Friday, February 20, 2009

I'mmmmmmm Back!

Pardon the interruption of several missed posting days. Computer had a trip to the ER.

This failure has proven to be a most upsetting event. Not the failure of the computer, but the failure of me in being unable to fix it myself. You see, I am normally able to fix things that break or quit running. If I can see the pieces and parts of a machine or something I can figure out how it works. Once I understand how it works, I can fix it when it stops working.

But this is not the case with a computer. I am obsolete as a "fixer" of computers. There are no moving parts, and when you take the lid off, it looks like the view of a city from 50,000 feet up.

1 comment:

Holee said...

My son loves anything with wires. He has always been wire crazy. Right now he is working on a testing harness for the B52.

Since he bought me a new flat screen for Christmas he has been working on building us each a new computer...the "I've got a Dell, dude" is headed for retirement. His is finished and he's named it lerch. Mine is under construction with all kinds of new fangled swirling purple and pink lights. I guess I'm going fancy!

Glad you're back. I know these new fangled things are frustrating.Not like the radio tubes of our days.