Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Some Sillyness Today!

Just tryin to be silly today. Because if you cannot read the following as silly it might hurt.

1. Do you sew/carve in the early AM when it's brighter? Those full spectrum lights work too.
2. Are your fingers more responsive in the AM or the PM? Or just stiff in the AM?
3. Do you find it difficult to thread a needle? Can't you buy them already threaded?
4. Do your fingers work well enough to tie a knot in floss that is about 1 1/2 inches long?
(if not get any 4 year old, they can do it)
5. Is it difficult to pick up a needle from a table surface? If it is, just spit on your finger and press it to the needle, it'll come up.
6. Do find yourself swatting at floaters in your eyes? Could be dangerous with a carving knife or needle in your hand.
7. Do you save every scrap of fabric or wood when cutting?
8. Do you wash fabric before you cut and piece? The new fabrics with genetically improved cotton will shrink 3 sizes when in contact with body temperature. I have a whole closet full that proves it.


Chris said...

What a hoot! I sew in the early A.M. because that's when I'm awake. I need about 1 yard of thread these days to tie a knott. I leave huge wholes in my handwork, might have something to do with the "bigeyed" needles I now use. And those floaters get in my way when threading even the big eyed needles. When is it we get to those golden years???

Tom H said...

Chris, Don't know about any Golden years...Yet!I wish I could say it gets better..